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Wednesday 03/20/2002 1:42:53pm
Name:Joy Q. Gallagher
City/State:Winchester, Franklin Co., TN
Look-Up Request:Sarah Jane Shasteen Graves, born ca. 1841 TN, (first married John F. Graves who died) and her second husband M. A. Bradberry, born ca. 1838 TN, came to TX from Franklin Co., TN after 1870. They brought with them her son John T. Graves, born ca. 1861 TN, and her son William R. Bradberry, born ca. 1867 TN. After arriving in TX, they had a daughter Sarah Louisa "Lou" Bradberry, probably born early 1870s. In 1901 the three children, all from Tarrant Co., TX, appointed their uncle T. W. Graves in Franklin Co., TN to be their Power of Attorney. In 1901 Sarah Louisa "Lou" Bradberry was listed as Mrs. Lou Stevens, wife of John Stevens. Do you have a burial record for any of these individuals? Thank you for volunteering to do cemetery lookups for Tarrant Co.


Nothing found.


Saturday 03/09/2002 11:39:09am
Name:Bonadette Sweetman
City/State:Ardmore, Okl
Look-Up Request:Looking for burial place of Nathaniel Welcher/Wilcher/Voiccher. Born in 1850 in Kentucky. Lived in Tarrant County in 1880. Died some time after 1888.


Nothing found.


Friday 03/08/2002 0:57:30am
Name:Terry Bingham
City/State:dixon, ca
Look-Up Request:I was wondering if you have anything on a Nolen, Nolan, Nowlin, family. They are on the 1880 census Tarrant Co. One family was William T. Nolen the other was Richard (Dick) C. Nolen. I'm looking for death or burial place. Thanks for giving your time and help.


No one by this name is buried in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.


Saturday 03/02/2002 4:13:26am
Name:jim pettit
City/State:ft worth/texas
Look-Up Request:EARNEST,Emma Laura b.2 jan1898 d.25 mar 1898.Parents C.H. & F.C. EARNEST. I have her tombstone and would like to place it where it belongs. Thanx for any help you may offer.

No record of anyone by this surname in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.


Sunday 02/24/2002 7:40:36pm
Name:Ann Hunter
City/State:Richmond, VA
Look-Up Request:I'm looking for Septimus (S.O.)Thomson,
b.c. 1854. He was known to be alive in
Fort Worth in 1882, and I can find no
record of him after that.

There is no record of his having been buried in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.


Wednesday 02/13/2002 12:03:29am
Name:william chilton
City/State:Mcminnville tn
Look-Up Request:Would you please look up on Martin J Chilton B1890 Overton died 1965, He and wife are buried in Mt olivet Cem FT Worth. I need her name her DOB and when they were married.

This is not a site for lookups for any cemetery other than Pioneers Rest.

Wednesday 02/06/2002 3:27:37pm
Name:Mary Benton-Nicholas
City/State:Philadelphia, PA
Look-Up Request:Dear dear Barbara, I just had to find a way to thank you a thousand times over for your hard work on the Confederate Veterans Robert E. lEE Camp #158. I just started trying to complete work my father left me in 1993, and was brought to tears to find not only my well known ggreat-uncle John Newton Benton listed as a charter member, but there is his older brother Joseph M. Benton. It appears that Joseph returned to TN along with my ggreat-grandfather Edmond Daniel Benton to serve in the same unit. Joseph was lost to my father's research after a Collin Co. voter registration in 1873. This information and the fact that he was born in Cass Co. GA opens new avenues for me to follow. My only question is about the J. T. Bentons buried in the same plot. The only other brother who I haven't found is Jeremiah Benton Born 1834 in TN. I hope this may be him or Joseph buried there, or maybe both of them. Sorry for the rambling but I just wanted you to know how much this means to me. I will just jot my questions here at the end so you don't need to read all this again to find my questions. 1. May I have all the information you have on Charter Members such as John Newton Benton. 2. Could you send me anything else you have on Joseph M. Benton. 3. Please forward anything else you have on the other
Benton's. Thank You Profoundly
Mary Benton-Nicholas

I appreciate your kind words, however all information available to me regarding this family is posted to the website, particularly records of the R. E. Lee Camp. Additional info on other charter members will be posted to the website as it is transcribed.


Thursday 01/31/2002 10:41:38pm
Name:Lera Hogan Oldham
City/State:Arlington, TX
Look-Up Request:I am interested in absolutely any information on the Want Family in Fort Worth.
All I know is: George Henderson Want, b: 3/5/1842, married Miss Lillie Price 9/16/1875 in Ft. Worth(I have copy of article from Ft. Worth Standard. And I know George was buried in Pioneer's Rest Cemetery, I do not have date.
I also know there was an Andrew Edwin Want (b: 2/12/1859) who came to Ft. Worth to live with his older sister Susan Ann Wilkins.
I would appreciate any information.

Since you live in Arlington - you might check their library for a copy of this book. There is a copy in the Fort Worth Library. There is much information on this family - G. H. Want
died in 1912 at the home of his bro. A. E. Want. Lillian Price Want died in 1942.


Friday 01/11/2002 8:25:37am
Name:Debbie Taff
City/State:Dubai, UAE
Look-Up Request:Looking for my great-grandmother's grave. Her name was Etta Doss Miller (could be Henrietta), born 20 Dec 1875, died around 1917. Married to James Butler Miller. They lived on Samuels street around the time she passed away, but there is no record of her death. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Etta Miller is not buried in Pioneers Rest. I suggest you contact the Genealogy Department, Fort Worth Public Library, for a copy of her obituary (small fee) or the person who does lookups for obituaries.


Sunday 01/06/2002 2:24:29pm
Name:Deborah Rayfield
City/State:Midlothian, Texas
Look-Up Request:Pioneers Rest
Nancy Wade - might have died 25 July 1882.
Woodson Wade, her husband, is supposedly buried there.

Nancy J. Wade - Jan. 1817 - July 28, 1882 [bur. Blk 3 Lot 29]

Woodson Wade Father CSA - Jan. 12, 1812 - Sept. 8, 1864. He is bur. Blk 3 Lot 24.

Both stones still legible.


Sunday 12/09/2001 2:07:57pm
Name:Jeanette Perrin Coaly
City/State:Bagdad, Arizona
Look-Up Request:Searching for family information and the burial place of Leola M JONES SWEET, b 22 Sep 1872 in Opelica, Lee Co, Alabama and lived in Ft Worth in 1944, her address was 3727 Ave K, Ft Worth, Tarrant,TX in July 1965 at age 92.
Her parents are John Charles JONES b abt 1840 and Francis Carolina ADAMS, sisters Mollie, Bertha, Lula Bell JONES PATTON b 1870, and bros Emmett Lynwood JONES, Walter, Arthur and Berry JONES.
Thank you for any help you may be in my search! jpc

She is not buried in Pioneers Rest. Since her death date is fairly recent, I would think you would need to check other cemeteries. It would help if you knew what part of the county she may have lived in.


Monday 11/12/2001 0:59:32am
Name:Lera Hogan Oldham
Look-Up Request:I have been able to find that the brother of my great grandmother (Martha Ann Want Sumpter), George Henderson Want, came to Fort Worth around 1874, married Miss Lillie Price on September 16, 1875 (as per news article in Ft. Worth Standard, p.3. col. 11). In Confederate Burials at Pioneer Rest Cemetery, I see he is buried on Lot 18, block 4. I made a trip over to see the cemetery and of course photograph the tombstone, etc. for my records. Unfortunately I went on a weekend and the cemetery was locked. Can you suggest a time when I would be able to enter the cemetery? I am also anxious to see if anyone else is buried with him.

I belong to the Arlington Gen. Soc. and have been working on my family tree a rather short time. I am pretty GREEN when it comes to research.

My father's family (William Louis Hogan and Annie Sumpter Hogan)came to Fort Worth around 1910 (found on census), my father was born at home on Dec. 31, 1912. The family was living at 1036 Edwards St. (I have found that Edwards was changed to Pruitt up in the hospital district and was right behind Thistle Hill). I know the names of the doctor and lady friends in attendance. Family, by 1914 had moved to Dallas, but both parents are buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

This is about as far as I have gotten in Fort Worth research.

I would like to find where both of these men (Hogan and Want) worked, etc. Where the Want family lived and if there were children, etc.

I would truly appreciate any help and guidance you can offer me. Thank you for your time and patience,

Lera H. Oldham

According to the posted sign (picture appears in Pioneers Rest Cemetery compilation) the cemetery is open 9 - 5 Mon. - Fri.
There are several abstracts from obits on the Want family included in this book.


Wednesday 10/03/2001 6:00:17pm
Name:Phyllis King
City/State:Camp Wood , Texas
Look-Up Request:Hi,
I'm looking for C. Smith or Cornelius Smith b. 1842(?) May have died 1917 and may be buried next to M.M. Smith. Also looking for a William L. Bishop.

Thank you

These Smiths are not buried in Pioneers Rest Cemetery. There is a William Lee Bishop, son of M. and M. J. Bishop who was b/d 1886.


Friday 09/28/2001 8:10:38am
Name:Mary Helen Allen
City/State:Columbia MO
Look-Up Request:Looking for Hanson George Catlett who died in Austin, Texas in 1854. He was given a Masonic Tribute by Chapter #12 in Austin.

George Catlett is not buried in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.


[additional info by Rob] There is a George A. CATLETT who died 4/26/1907 at the age of 48 buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Block 57 Space 51. He has a tombstone and is the only CATLETT recorded there.

Saturday 09/22/2001 11:14:11pm
Name:Ed Utley
City/State:Austin, Texas
Look-Up Request:Lt. A.A.Bridgess and his family is buried in Pioneer's Rest. I am unable to read the names and dates clearly due to the age of the headstones. Would appreciate your assistance. He was my great-great-grandfather. Thank you.


Lt. Albert A. Bridges
Sept. 17, 1838 - Aug. 29, 1905

Martha C. [Utley] Bridges [wife]
May 1, 1846 - Nov. 23, 1928

Utley M. Bridges
Dec. 24, 1869 - March 6, 1893

William L. Bridges
June 2, 1878 - April 30, 1892

Chatty Ray Bridges
[Jan. 30,] 1881 - [Oct. 3], 1884

John R. Bridges
Aug. 12, 1882 - July 16, 1897
Bridges [n/g]
1871 - 1872

The book also contains an obit that gives additional data.


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