Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (2024)

At King Arthur, we draw on a lot of inspiration for our baking, like faraway travels or childhood memories. But honestly, one of our biggest sources of inspiration is … you!

We love nothing more than to see the innovative spins our readers and customers put on our recipes to make them their own. And throughout the year, no recipe has been embraced more than our 2020 Recipe of the Year, Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza. While the original recipe is enticing all on its own, the thick, pillowy dough has turned into the ultimate blank canvas for all sorts of edible creativity.

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (1)

Our original Recipe of the Year is a classic. But many people have takenthisbasic recipe and produced some truly incredible pan pizzas.

It’s been almost a year since Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza was crowned Recipe of the Year, so to celebrate, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most inventive, stunning, and mouth-watering variationsthat our customers have made. We hope they inspire your upcoming baking adventures. (They’ve definitely inspired ours.)

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (2)

1) Smoked salmon, cheddar, and Gruyère pizza

Smoked salmon might not be as common a pizza topping as, say, pepperoni ... but that's why this pizza bySimon of @bagtobowlis such fun. He uses the base of Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza (baked up in aDetroit-style 10" rectangle) as a vehicle for smoked salmon, cheddar, Gruyère, parsley-dill cream sauce, shallots, zucchini, and dried chili flakes. Mamma mia!

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (3)

2) Apple, blueberry, cream cheese, and honey pizza

We’re all about taking Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza for a ride on the sweet side, and this fruit-topped pie by Puspa of @cerita_puspa looks perfect for the brunch table. She even shares directions to make your own!

Here's how she does it: Whisk 4 ounces (113g) softened cream cheese with 1 tablespoon confectioners’ sugar. Peel one large apple and slice thinly. Melt 1 tablespoon butterin a pan over medium heat, then add the apple slices, 1 tablespoon brown sugar, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Sauté until tender. Put aside tocool.

Preheat your oven to 450ºF. When the pizza dough is ready to bake, gently spread the cream cheese on top. Sprinkle cheese on the edge of the pan (Puspa uses grated Parmesan along with shredded asiago and provolone), then arrange the apple slices on top of the cream cheese. Add fresh blueberries and sprinkle with more cheese if you'd like. Lastly, drizzle honey over the pizza. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes. Drizzle with more honey, then serve.

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (4)

3) Gobi Manchurian pizza

This flavorful, spicy pizza from @chaiandchillies is seriously special. In her post on the pie, she shares the following:“Indian Chinese food is a category unto itself on the subcontinent, and one of my fave celebratory dishes is Gobi Manchurian —battered and fried sweet/spicy cauliflower.”

For this pizza, she bakes garam masala, cumin, and other paratha spices directly into the crust. She sauces the pizza with a spicy tomato base spiked with Manchurian sauce, then tops it with shallow-fried cauliflower florets tossed with Manchuriansauce, chopped onions, green pepper, and some Parmesan. The result? A pizza that will definitely heat up the kitchen — in more ways than one!

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (5)

4) Squash, pesto, and burrata pizza

Fun fact: everything is better with burrata. Especiallypizza! For this spring-inspired take, Joy of @jlims tops her pan pizza crust with squash, tomatoes, burrata, mozzarella, pesto, and crispy capers. She also calls Crispy Cheese Pan Pizza “one of the best things in 2020,” and though the competition was pretty scarce in a year like the one we’ve all been through, we’ll take it.

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (6)

5) Bacon elote pizza

A popular Mexican street snack, elote consists ofgrilled corn on the cob topped with a mixture of mayonnaise, crema, lime juice,and chili powder and sprinkled with cheese. It’s divine. And you know what Ian of @culinarycrescendo had the brilliant idea to do? Put it on pizza.

And he doesn’t just stop there —as if things aren’t already tempting enough, he also adds bacon. Because too much of a good thing can actually be great.

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (7)

6) Crispy cheese-less pan pizza

Crispy cheesy pan pizza … without the cheese?! It may sound oxymoronic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious.

Rule-breaker Stephanie of @stephanie.gyl, who came up with this pioneering pie, says, “Revoke my Wisconsinite card now ... I prefer this to the cheesy version.” Gasp! Instead of cheese, she topsher pizzawith toasted tomatoes, garlicky dairy-free pesto, and lots of olive oil. “Yes, it’s focaccia, not pizza,” she admits. We say, who cares?

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (8)

7) Chicken Marsala pizza

In a way, it makes complete sense to take chicken Marsala for a pizza spin. After all, the comforting meal is a classic in Italian American red-sauce joints. So why not servethiscreamy, hearty dish over crispy pan pizza dough? That's what Rebecca of @the.practical.kitchen does, resulting in acheesy, decadent,delicious-looking dinner.

And bonus! She shares the recipe on her blog, so you can recreate this pizza in your own kitchen.

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (9)

8) French onion soup pizza

One of the world’s most comforting soups meets one of King Arthur’s most comforting recipes, and the world will never be the same. Shelley of @ironchefmom uses her favorite French onion soup recipe for the topping, while the interior remains, in her words, “soft, light, and airy.”

It’s the soup + pizza mashup you’ll never be able to stop thinking about.

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (10)

9) BBQ Chicken pizza

Topped with chicken, onions, and BBQ sauce, this pizza by Jamie of @wayofthedamis a hearty, flavorful spin that proves BBQ sauce really can be great on everything. And check out those beautifully crisped edges! Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza alwaysdelivers, no matter how you decide to dress it up.

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (11)

10) Basil and prosciutto pizza

In a post full of downright innovative pizzas, we’re finishing off with a simpler pie adorned with two can’t-miss Italian ingredients: basil and prosciutto. There’s a reason they’re classics: bright, pungent basil alongside rich, decadent prosciutto. Liz of @lstern608 knows that keeping something simple doesn’t mean it can’t be revelatory.

A year full of pizza

When we namedCrispy Cheesy Pan Pizza our 2020 Recipe of the Year, we knew we had a special recipe on our hands. But there was no way we could have anticipated the outpouring of love for this dish; the enthusiasmhas spilled out from kitchens all over the country.

We’re unbelievably thrilled this recipe has been embraced byso many of you —that it’s spiced up weekly pizza night, inspired you to make your own homemade pizza, or presented an opportunity to showcase your wildest pizza dreams. Thank you for taking our recipe and making it your own. We hope it holds a special place in your kitchen for years to come.

Have you made Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza? We'd love to hear about any variations you've made in the comments below! Any ingredients, flavor combinations, or styles you'd recommend?

Our Recipe of the Year, your creative spins (2024)


Is baking a creative side? ›

Creativity is a baker's greatest asset. The ability to use basic ingredients (flour, water, salt, butter, yeast, sugar, etc.) and mix a dough that — through creative interpretation — is transformed into something truly magical is an art form worthy of being celebrated.

Why does baking make me happy? ›

Baking is a unique activity that has potential to combine both creative expression and social connection. The act of baking can have an almost meditative effect, allowing people to lose themselves in a creative activity that can positively impact our sense of well-being and connection with those around us,” she said.

How is baking creative? ›

As an artist, the baker uses scientific knowledge of the chemistry of baking to create unique yet familiar dishes. Their experience and personal philosophies play a large role in the way they work. Bakers use flavor, texture, and visual appeal to produce an edible art piece.

How does baking increase creativity? ›

Baking Can Spark Creativity - Baking is not just about following recipes, it also requires creativity and experimentation. By trying new flavor combinations or decorating techniques, you can unleash your creativity and have fun in the process.

How does baking improve creativity? ›

It should then come as no surprise that cooking boosts creativity through experimentation. Creative tasks are measurable by personal growth and emotional well-being while participating in an activity. Using ingredients in new ways, combining unique flavors, and straying from a recipe require creativity.

What does baking do to your brain? ›

Since baking is an enjoyable activity for many, it not only helps you regulate your mood but boosts it as well. When you partake in an enjoyable hobby, your brain rewards you with endorphins, a.k.a. feel-good chemicals. Maybe it's the sweet smell, the feel of soft dough, or the satisfaction of putting the icing on top.

Is baking good for mental health? ›

Baking is a great activity for stress relief. Not only can you take out some of your frustrations on your dough, but baking can also reduce stress hormones such as cortisol.

Is baking good for depression? ›

Baking has a set start and end point that helps people feel a sense of control and purpose, both of which help stave off feelings of overwhelm and depression. — Nicole Beurkens, Ph. D.

Why is baking a fun hobby? ›

It's incredibly satisfying, taking ingredients that don't amount to much on their own and combining them in such a way that you can create something extraordinary. And sharing your passion is possibly the best part—making another person happy by giving them a homemade goodie is a delightful feeling.

Is baking a life skill? ›

Baking is a fun activity for all the family and can support your child's development. Baking can tap into a child's motivation and promote the development of learning, play, life skills, motor skills and social skills.

What does baking teach me? ›

Baking can be a strenuous activity that relies on good arm and hand strength! Making cookies or cupcakes requires stirring of ingredients with a spoon or whisk. Little fingers and hands grasping these utensils in the preparation and mixing process of making baked goods helps to build hand and arm muscles.

Is baking a creative hobby? ›

Baking is a simple creative process at first. Combine a few ingredients together, and—VOILA—a dish is created.

Is baking a creative outlet? ›

Baking is an incredibly effective self-care activity as it encourages mindfulness, creates space for a creative outlet, provides a sense of purpose, creates a sense of connection, and can provide chemical benefits to our brains.

Is baking creative arts? ›

Baking is an art form that allows for boundless creativity. From experimenting with new flavour combinations to designing intricate cake decorations, bakers are constantly exploring and expanding their creative horizons.

Is baking considered artistic? ›

Baking is not just that though, it's a form of art. From the science behind what magic goes on in the oven, to decorating and garnishing the fruits of your labour, each step is an artistic process, one that requires precision and consistency.

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